Top-Notch Tanning Equipment

Our tanning equipment will give you the best tan in Canton. All of our tanning options provide a comfortable and relaxing experience with outstanding results.

We offer very affordable prices in a variety of packages to fit your specific tanning needs. Learn more about our tanning beds, stand-up booths and leg tanner.


Don't forget to check out our special offers, and ask our friendly staff if you need assistance.

Classic Tanning Bed

The most popular product at ULTIMATE IMAGE is our SonneBraune 730-1 beds, lamped with 30, 160 watt bulbs plus an additional high-pressure neck and facial lamp to ensure an even full-body tan. Includes a body fan and radio pillow to provide maximum comfort and a relaxing environment while tanning. Also available with Brozing Bulbs.

Stand-Up Tanning Booth

Enjoy our ultrafast stand-up tanning booth. If you don't feel comfortable in a tanning bed, then our high performance Power Tan 4000 tanning booth is the ideal solution. Choose this option for an incredible bronze result in even less time than our beds. Bronzing 48 Bulb Sundome also available!

Sun Capsule VHR Tanning Booths

Get the tan you've always wanted, in half the time. These Ultra Premium, High-Intensity 50 & 60 VHR Bulb Sun Capsules are some of the best around. Being four times stronger than most tanning booths, a base tan can be achieved in as little 7 to 8 visits, and maintained in 2 visits a week!